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The Renegades frequently sail to many destinations in Southern California, including Catalina Island, Long Beach, and Dana Point, sometimes for the weekend, sometimes for up to two weeks!


What we do at each port:


When in Catalina we do everything from swimming, snorkeling, hiking, BBQ-ing, kayaking, and even observing buffalo!  If we sail to Avalon we may even catch a movie in the historic Casino building.

Long Beach:

In Long Beach we can head up for a weekend Movie Cruise where we'll sail up on a Saturday morning, enjoy an afternoon on the water with kayaks and paddle boards until we walk over to the local theater just after sunset to catch a flick, and finally head back to the boat for a few rounds of a board game or two before bed.  We'll wake up in the morning for bacon and eggs (or other breakfast staples) and sail on back to Newport.

We also visit the Long Beach Sea Base for the annual Long Beach Invitational Regatta, a one day event where the Southern California ships gather for a fun spirited competition of seamanship skills.

Dana Point:

Dana Point is another popular weekend destination where we can walk the boardwalks, sampling some ice cream cones near the water, take a walk through the tide-pools on the beach or visit the Ocean Institute.

Long Cruise:

Each summer we hold a "Long Cruise" which is typically one to two weeks, where our scouts plan out trip itineraries that have included circumnavigating Catalina Island, visiting the Channel Islands, or sailing down to Ocean Side and San Diego.


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