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Our scouts are always up to something! Here's a few things we've done recently.

December 19th - 23rd
Boat Parade fundraiser on Mayflower

Rather than our usual booth selling sweets and cider at the Sea Base, this year we decided to deck the hulls and take Mayflower out in the 110th Newport Holiday Boat Parade. With Skipper Andrew donating revenue from tickets and donations from friends and family of the scouts to ride along, we tripled our previous fundraising high! These funds will help buy uniforms and keep our programs costs down. To make things even sweeter, we won the Best Sailboat and Best First-Time Entry awards!

December 9th
Mayflower comes to Newport

After being refitted in San Pedro, Skipper Andrew and Mate Vanya sail Mayflower down to Newport to serve as the scout's main program vessel while Dare is being overhauled. Mayflower can accommodate more than 15 people, and so she is great for outings (though sadly she's not as fast as Dare). 

November 14th
Engine maintenance - checking oil and coolant levels 

Just because we have wind doesn't mean we can neglect our iron sails! Scouts learn to keep an eye on the levels of vital fluids on Lively's engine to keep her running. 

October 28th
Day sail on Sleeping Beauty

We are lucky as a ship to have access to a wide variety of boats to learn on, one of which is the fastest Venture of Newport 23 ever made! Sleeping Beauty makes practice  a lot of fun even with little wind.

October 20th
Junior Sea Scouts Day

Junior Sea Scouts is a program run by the Newport Sea Base for youth interested in the Sea Scouts, but who are not yet 13. Scouts from Renegades and Del Mar volunteer to help show the Juniors what our programs are all about with a day of Knot tying, heaving line, kayaking and BBQ!

Return to Winter Program

As the days grow shorter, and sunset comes earlier, we switch from every meeting being out on the water to a mix of classroom work and night cruises. Nighttime navigation poses different challenges, so we first we learn theory, then practice out on the harbor.

August 11th - 12th
Camping Trip to the Sierra Nevadas and Tubing down the Kern River

We left the ocean behind us to explore inland! First stop was Red Rock Canyon State Park where we stopped for a quick picnic and a lesson in reading the geology of the brightly colored tilted and faulted cliffs. Then we hiked out to Fossil Falls and had a great time climbing around. We took the windy Sherman Pass Road up to Brush Creek Campground, meeting colorful locals on the way. Then in the morning, we all hopped in our inner tubes and bounced our way down the rapids of the upper Kern River!

August 1st
Trying out a Columbia 32

We're fortunate to have connections with local sailors who are willing to take us out on all kinds of boats, here our scouts get to try their hands at sailing a cool Columbia 32 thanks to Vince Valdez.

July 6th - 8th
Catalina Weekend Cruise

While our program vessel DARE is being retrofitted, we have a number of other boats to sail upon, one of which is our Skipper's personal schooner Lively. Though the waves were rough on the way over, a night on the town at Avalon made everyone chipper again!

June 18th
Vivianna Gerges achieves Quartermaster!

We're very proud of our 6th Quartermaster from Renegades! Viv has worked very hard to reach the highest rank in Sea Scouts, equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award. 

June 9th
Community Day Sail

The weather was perfect for a lovely day on the water! We cruised the harbor and sailed down the coast to Crystal Cove. 

May 23rd 
Start of Summer Agenda!​

With longer days and more evening sunlight, we now start earlier and spend our meetings kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing CFJs, or one of our larger vessels like Dare or Lively. 

May 12th
Viviana's Quartermaster Project

The Quartermaster rank is the Sea Scout equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Award (and many do argue it's even more difficult to achieve). Viviana's Quartermaster Service Project consisted of planting 780 drought-tolerant bushes on a slope at Barbadanes Park. Viviana will be our 7th ship Quartermaster, and we are very proud of her!

May 5th
Newport Sea Base Opening Day

Our scouts helped out with setting up and running events at our Sea Base's opening day, as well as give tours of our program vessel Dare.

March 31st
Sailing through foggy weather & deck repair.

After taking our scout Collin and his friends out for a birthday sail, we learned how to detach and disassemble our port side forward winch and line organizer in preparation for a repair on that portion of the deck. 

February 17th - 18th
Weekend trip to Two Harbors in Catalina 


When we visit Catalina in the off season, it feels like we have the whole place to ourselves! The harbor was nearly empty, which made for easy practicing mooring. The General Store ice cream shop was closed, but excellent wind and a beautiful sail on the way more made up for it!

December 13th - 17th
Newport Boat Parade Fundraiser


Every December our scouts volunteer to help organize and sell hot apple cider and baked goods to folks watching the boat parade at the Newport Sea Base. The  funds we raise go towards new dress white uniforms and ship repairs.

November 22nd
Joint Holiday Party with Delmar


What better way to start the winter than with good food and friends?

November 11th
Community Day Sail


We like to give back to our community by inviting groups that wouldn't normally have access to a lovely day out on the water.

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